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  • Elijah

    26 May 2023 at 2:21 pm

    It seems like you have followed all the necessary steps to link your Google Tag Manager account with a GA4 property using the GA4 configuration and measurement ID. However, if it’s not working, there could be a few issues to check. Firstly, ensure that you have correctly entered GA4 configuration tag’s settings. The tag needs to be fired on all pages or at least on the ones where events are happening. Check your measurement ID again, if it’s incorrect, GTM won’t able to send data to the GA4 property correctly. The debug mode can help identify if the tags are firing as expected. If you see that the GA4 configuration tag does fire but you are not receiving any data in the GA4 property, wait for a little longer as it might take some time for data to appear. Lastly, if everything seems correct, try to unlink and relink your GTM and GA4 property. Sometimes, resetting the connection could solve the issue. Keep in mind, connecting GTM to GA3 and GA4 simultaneously won’t cause any conflicts, so there’s no need to pause the connection to your GA3 property.