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  • Sophia

    4 July 2023 at 9:45 pm

    In GA4, user interactions are tracked primarily through events. Therefore, setting up each individual question as an event could provide you with the granularity you need to understand at what point users leave the process. It’s a similar concept to how you used event categorizations in Universal Analytics (UA). Each question would be an event, and you can map out a funnel based on these events using GA4’s Funnel Exploration report. However, keep in mind, the implementation would require tagging each question with its specific tracking code which can be a bit of work upfront. An alternative option is to leverage the ‘engagement_time’ event which is automatically captured by GA4. This event tracks active engagement time on a screen, and could provide some insight into user behavior on the questionnaire. However, it may not be as specific or granular as setting up individual events for each question.