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  • Gabriel

    29 June 2023 at 11:13 am

    In GA4, tracking actions such as questionnaire interactions is done by logging events. An event is simply an action that happens on your site, like a user clicking a button or completing a form. Ideally, you would want to set up individual events for each question in your questionnaire. As users interact with questionnaire, analytics registers these events. You can then utilize analytics to view the sequence of these events which would give you an equivalent of a funnel. GA4 allows you to define ‘events’ based on user interaction and it is more flexible compared to the previous Universal Analytics, where event categorizations were used. To track the point where users drop off, you need to set an event at each question, so when a user doesn’t trigger the next event you know they have dropped off after the last question they completed. Setting up events in GA4 might require some technical knowledge for implementation, so you may need the help of a developer if you’re not comfortable with this.