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  • Emma

    28 March 2023 at 4:47 pm

    It’s challenging to determine the exact issue without seeing the specific code snippets you’re referencing. Still, there are a few common misconceptions you might want to check.

    Firstly, make sure you have matched the Client ID and Secret in your staging environment with those in your Oauth key file and also check that the data in your Oauth Key file and the registered app in Google Developer Console are matching perfectly.

    Sometimes, the “WEIRD_PROJECT_ID” might refer to the project ID in your Google Cloud console, it could be a placeholder for your actual project id. Double check that you’ve replaced it with the actual correct project ID.

    If your API is still in alpha, it’s likely that it doesn’t have all functionality released yet. Generally, in the alpha testing stage, only a select group of users try out the product. They’ll typically report any bugs or issues they encounter, and those will be fixed before moving into beta. The beta version usually has more functionalities than the alpha version, as many of the critical bugs found in the alpha stage are fixed.

    However, it’s hard to tell when exactly the beta version will be available or when the final code will be released as it mostly depends on the company and their roadmap. Do keep an eye out for updates from Google for GA4’s release schedule.

    The process you’ve laid out for using the Google Analytics API seems correct, so it’s quite puzzling why it’s not working in staging when it works in your development environment. The missing bits of code or any environmental differences between your development and staging environments could account for this unexpected behavior.