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  • John

    18 June 2023 at 6:18 pm

    The method you are using is actually one of the effective ways to track load speeds, particularly in a system with Google Analytics setup. However, you could look into the Performance API to measure other aspects of your page or web app’s loading times. The Performance API offers a more detailed breakdown of the loading process, which might be beneficial for your needs.

    As for pulling average values for load times using GA4, your options are a bit limited. GA4 currently seems to be lacking built-in reports for checking average load times like the previous versions of Google Analytics had. You generally have to sift through individual event parameters to find that information. However, GA4 offers advanced analysis techniques such as the Explorations feature which can manipulate your data in many ways. You can create segments, complex filters and get detailed insights which could help in extracting the required data.

    Do note that all these options require a deep understanding of not just the tool but also the data you are analyzing. You have to consider the “real-world” implications and ensure that you filter and segment your data correctly for most accurate insights. You may want to either invest time in learning advanced Google Analytics or consider getting help from a professional for this.