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  • Blair

    9 January 2023 at 12:13 am

    It appears that your custom dimensions might not be properly set up or the data is not being recorded correctly. After setting up a custom dimension in Firebase, a common issue is forgetting to also set it in the app code. So ensure to set the custom dimensions in the code of your application, ensure that the keys match exactly with what you’ve defined in Firebase, and that you’re sending values in the correct format. As custom dimensions are case-sensitive in Firebase, be mindful about it as well. Additionally, check your Firebase dashboard to see if data is being received. Remember that there can be a delay before Firebase processes data (generally 24-48 hours), so if it hasn’t been this long, you might simply need to wait a bit more. If you’ve done all these and still facing the issue, it may be best to reach out to Firebase support.