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  • Owen

    10 May 2023 at 6:22 pm

    Hey there, happy to help out with this! It seems like you’re trying to differentiate between ‘select_item’, ‘add_to_cart’, and ‘view_item’ events. They can be a bit tricky to distinguish, can’t they?

    According to Google’s guidelines, the ‘select_item’ event should be triggered when a user is checking out several items and picks one of them from the list. So it’s more about the action of selecting an item, not necessarily about what happens next.

    As for your other examples, the ‘view_item’ event would be more fitting once a user navigates to the actual individual product page or opens a preview of the product. It’s all about that moment of review or inspection.

    Hope this clears it up and remember, the beauty of these systems is that you can tailor them to best fit your website’s user experience!