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  • Setting GA4 audience for retargeting on multiple campaigns

    Posted by Fra on 1 March 2024 at 10:25 pm

    Hallo, I am wondering if it is possible to create one big audience in GA4 of all users who visited one of the Landing Pages of my campaigns, and when I use this audience in Google Ads for retargeting, filter out all visitors whcih are not relevant for the campaign.

    I’ll explain it better thorugh an example:
    I am running x3 completely different campaigns (A, B and C). They are three campaigns targeting DENTIST, but they have nothing in common because each campaign is selling a completely different product.
    The only thing in common is the target user, who is a DENTIST

    Each campagn has its own Landing Page and “Thank you” page.
    Every time a dentist visits one of the three Landing Pages, he will trigger an event in GA4 (called “visit_LP”).

    So all dentists visiting Landing page A, B or C, will trigger an Event and this event will be used to create a specific audience in GA4. There is just one Event despite the fact that there are three campaigns. In fact, I can filter the event through event parameters, like Page ID or Page Title.

    Now, I would like to do something similar with the audiences. Is it possible

    Instead of creating x3 different audiences, based on the event and the Page ID of each page, could I create just one audience which includes all visitors of the three landing pages and then be able to filter out all no relevant users when I create a retargeting campaign in Google Ads?

    For example, if I want to run a retargeting campagin on GAds for the Campaign A, could I take the audience and filter out all the visitors of the Landing page B and C.

    Is it possible, or am I forced to create x3 different audiences?


    Fra replied 3 months, 2 weeks ago 2 Members · 3 Replies
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  • Manan

    2 March 2024 at 10:17 pm

    @FraHead ,

    You want to create one combined audience for users who visited either Landing Page 1 (LP1), Landing Page 2 (LP2), or Landing Page 3 (LP3) based on the event (visit_lp) and then filter the audience within Google Ads based on the URL where visit_lp was triggered.

    However, Google Ads Audience segments have limited flexibility compared to the GA4 audience tool. Therefore, a combined audience created in GA4 cannot be sub-filtered in Google Ads based on specific URLs or event parameters.

    Could you clarify the objective for creating a single combined audience? If the goal is to reuse this combined audience in other campaigns, you could consider the following approach:

    1. Create One Combined Audience in GA4: Create an audience for all visitors to Landing Pages 1, 2, and 3.

    2. Create Separate Audiences for Each Landing Page: In GA4, create three more audiences, one for each landing page (LP1, LP2, and LP3).

    3. Use Combined Segments in Google Ads: When setting up your campaigns in Google Ads, you can create combined segments where you exclude the landing pages you’re not targeting. For example, for a campaign targeting LP1, you can use the combined audience but exclude the audiences for LP2 and LP3.

    This approach is not very intuitive and might complicate the audience creation process. However, it is a workaround if you need to reuse a single combined audience across different campaigns and are required to create that one combined audience.

  • Fra

    3 March 2024 at 9:33 pm

    Hallo, thank you very much for you answer.

    You calarified my doubts. Unfortunately, it seems that what I was looking for, is not possible.

    The reason behind my quesiton lies on the fact that I would like to avoid to create a separate audience for each campaign I am running.
    Actually, I need to create two different audiences for each campaign I run, because usually each campaign conists of a LP and a “Thank you” page. To do the retargeting, I need to track the visitors to both the LP and the “Thank you” page.

    Creating x2 audiences each time on GA4 is time-consuming and unnecessarily increases complexity, which I wanted to avoid. After 20 campaigns, I will have 40 audiences in GA4! it will be a chaos.

    I was hoping that I could create just one combined audience and then run my Ads always this audeince, filtering in Google Ads only the LP I was targeting through some Events Parameters.

    But you confirmed me that I this is not possible, and I cannot get away from creating <strong style=”font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit; color: var(–bb-body-text-color);”>Separate Audiences for Each Landing Page. If I gave to do that anyway, having the combined audience is useless.

    I was hoping that Google Ads Audience segments had more flexibility and could work with Event parameters, as GA4, but it is not the case.

    In conclusion, I understand that the most efficient way is what I am doing at the moment:

    Create Separate Audiences for Each Landing Page and each Thank you page

    Use the LP visitors for retargeting, exclusing the Thank you page visitors.

    Or is there a different and better way?


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