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  • Issue connecting Google Tag Manager to Meta, experiencing Publishing failed error.

    Posted by Evelyn on 4 October 2022 at 6:26 pm

    Hey there! I’m having a bit of a snag with my Meta’s Conversion API and Google Tag Manager setup, and I could really use some advice. I’m thrilled that I’ve managed to get a web and server container all set up. The server container is even manually configured and running on AWS (like a charm!).

    But I’ve hit a roadblock in the “Publish resources” part. Yeah, that old chestnut. I keep getting a “Publishing failed. We were unable to publish the resources to your Google Tag Manager account. Please try again.” error. Any idea how I can untangle this?

    For the tech-savvy out there, you might be interested to know that my web container is up and running on web.example.com. The tagging server is doing its thing over at tagging.example.com, and the preview server is tucked away at debug.tagging.example.com. I also followed the handy-dandy guide on setting up my server-side tag manager on AWS. Check it out here if you’re curious:deploy-server-side-google-tag-manager-aws/.

    And just for good measure, here are snapshots of my tribulations:

    The infamous error

    A console error that’s playing hard to get

    And there’s a link to said console error

    I’ve dug up Google in search of my error code, but all I could find were other hapless souls with the same problem and no solution in sight. I’m even yet to get replies from the Google and Meta support. Anyone else gone through this, or better still, anyone knows how to fix it?

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  • Olivia

    8 June 2023 at 10:13 pm

    It seems like you’ve encountered an issue when trying to publish resources to your Google Tag Manager account. This error can often occur due to various factors, including incorrect server configuration, a bug within the Google Tag Manager itself, or even network issues. As a first step to troubleshoot, ensure that your server on AWS is correctly configured, there are no issues with your internet connection, and that you have the required permissions to publish resources to your Google Tag Manager account. If all parameters are checked and the issue still persists, it might be a bug from Google’s end. In such scenarios, reaching out to Google Support can be beneficial. Keep in mind that response times can vary, so being patient is key. Furthermore, you can try to research and connect with communities online who may have encountered similar issues. Professionals or experts in these communities can provide guidance or insights into possible solutions.

  • Alexander

    18 June 2023 at 1:38 am

    The “Publishing Failed” error you’re encountering in Google Tag Manager (GTM) often occurs due to a network or firewall issue blocking Google’s servers from accessing your URL. First, ensure that the server where your GTM is hosted has whitelisted all Google’s IP addresses. This will allow Google to access your server and publish your tags.

    Also, ensure that the ‘http://’ protocol is included in your URL configuration in GTM. Failing to do this can sometimes produce the same error.

    Your URL configuration should also reflect your actual domain. Using ‘example.com’ might not work. Ensure it’s your correct domain name and try publishing again.

    If none of those works, the issue might be due to GTM’s server-side tagging. Architectures set up with AWS can sometimes add additional layers of complexity. Have a fresh look at the guide you’ve been following. Check each step meticulously, and especially if your setup is mimicking the expected tagging architecture that’s in the guide.

    At the same time, be aware that Google or Meta Support may take some time before getting back to you. Keep trying different GTM Communities too, and someone who’s faced a similar problem might eventually provide a solution.

  • Lukas

    29 January 2024 at 4:55 pm

    I keep having the very same issues – trying to connect FB with server side GTM container using the walkthrough step by step line up in FB Events Manager – Integrate with partners (GTM). Now this is what I have found out:

    a) when you get to the step “Publish GTM containers”, you get new entries published only into client side GTM container (some variables, one trigger, four tags)

    b) server container that points to GCP cloud someting.xxxx.app does not get a thing and IS NOT PUBLISHED

    c) if you want to repeat step A, you have to delete all new FB variables, trigger and FB tags.

    d) now the issue could rest with FB requesting that it passed sensitive personal data ONLY TO THE 1st PARTY tagging server – and that is not GCP server. There are two available GTM templates in library and NONE of them supports google server platform / google addresses. (you can notice that symbol of crossed circle). things that are supported are marked with that check sign.

    so my guess is that you need to have tagging server on your own domain e.g. measure.domain.com and then the FB walktrough should populate and publish settings into your server side container.. because really. this is just about missing stuff in server container.. the client container gets published.

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