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  • Inconsistencies Between Google Analytics 4 Exports and Reported Data

    Posted by Owen on 14 October 2022 at 7:09 pm

    “I’m struggling to get the same data from the Google Analytics Data API as I am from the Web UI. Even when I used the query explorer for the API, the results are fewer. Google’s data sampling seems to apply to the API but not in the report. Tried switching to the GA Reporting API, but it only takes View ID, and I’m using GA4 and only have Property ID. Even tried using Looker, but still hitting the same roadblock. The numbers just won’t match up! Anyone have any tips or tricks? Also, here’s the code I’m using for the API, in case it helps.”

    Le replied 11 months, 1 week ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
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  • Dakota

    13 April 2023 at 2:14 pm

    I hear you, it’s frustrating when things don’t quite line up. I think what you’re experiencing might be a limitation with GA4. If you’re open to exploring third-party solutions, there’s a very capable platform called Able CDP. It has its own tracking and connects directly to BigQuery, which makes it really convenient in Looker. The best part is that it provides raw tracking data without any sampling, so you might find it more accurate and helpful.

  • Le

    21 May 2023 at 8:27 am

    You seem to be facing differences in data between the Google Analytics Data API and the Web UI. This discrepancy could be due to a few reasons, one of them being Google’s data sampling which can apply when querying data through the API. When you switched to the GA Reporting API, you encountered issues because it requires a View ID and you’re using GA4, which only supports Property ID. Also, using a third-party tool like Looker did not seem to resolve the mismatch. It’s important to understand that fetching real-time data through the API could have certain limitations and may not always perfectly align with the Web UI data. You might want to consider seeking direct advice from Google’s support or possibly re-checking the exact metrics and dimensions you are querying in the API. This could ensure that the queried data matches as closely as possible with your Web UI.

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