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  • GA4 BetaAnalyticsDataClient – Limited filtering options for hourly/minute results and channel grouping

    Posted by Sophia on 4 May 2023 at 4:18 pm

    Hey folks,

    So I’m grappling with this quirk in the GA4 API where the dateHourMinute dimension doesn’t jive with the default channel grouping dimension. I can’t figure out how to sort the results by hour/minute while excluding a specific channel grouping. Trying to filter the dimension on channel grouping, like Direct for example, just results in an error message:

    “message”: “Please remove dateHourMinute to make the request compatible. The request’s dimensions & metrics are incompatible. To learn more, see https://ga-dev-tools.web.app/ga4/dimensions-metrics-explorer/“,

    If you look at dateHourMinute in the dimension metrics explorer, all the other channel grouping dimensions are grayed out. They just don’t play well together.

    Now, back in the GA3 (Universal Analytics) Reporting, it was possible to filter using the system default segments, like gaid::-6,gaid::-7 and so on. That allowed for dateHourMinute reporting while filtering out certain traffic, like direct, from the reports. Problem is, I’m not seeing a way to use the GA4 API to filter data for specific default system segments.

    Has anyone managed to figure out how to pull dateHourMinute data from the GA4 API and filter on specific types of default channel groups, like Direct, Paid search, and so forth?

    Many thanks,

    Jack Kwakman

    Aubrey replied 11 months ago 3 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • Leo

    14 May 2023 at 6:00 am

    As of now, there seems to be a limitation when trying to use the dateHourMinute dimension along with the default channel grouping dimension in GA4 API. Based on the error message and the dimensions metrics explorer information, it appears the two don’t work well together and might be considered incompatible. Currently, GA4 API doesn’t seem to allow filtering data for specific default system segments like GA3 does. There’s no clear workaround on how to pull dateHourMinute data from GA4 API while filtering on specific channel groups. This might be an issue that Google needs to address regarding their GA4 API. You might want to consider reaching out to Google’s support for further clarification. It’s also a good idea to stay updated with any changes or updates in the GA4 API documentation.

  • Aubrey

    19 June 2023 at 5:32 am

    This issue seems to be a limitation within the GA4 API, particularly in relation to how dateHourMinute dimension interacts with the Default Channel Grouping dimension. Currently, it doesn’t appear that the GA4 API supports a dimension filter for Default Channel Grouping when dateHourMinute is selected. The official documentation provided by Google within their Dimensions and Metrics Explorer doesn’t list any workaround either. It might be helpful to continue monitoring Google’s updates for any added functionalities in the future. For now, you might consider manipulating the gathered data post-extraction or using other APIs that allow for more flexibility with dimensions. It is also possible that creating a custom dimension that categorizes channels like the Default Channel Grouping may solve the issue.

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