GA4 Masterclass

Google Analytics 4 MasterClass

Practioner’s playbook for data-driven business growth

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55 Videos

Step-by-step tutorials featuring real-world business scenarios.

29 Ref Cards

Downloadable reference guides to help you master key concepts easily.

+ Quizzes

Test your knowledge with engaging quiz questions after each module.

Lifetime Access

Unlimited access to all course materials, including future updates, ensuring you are always up-to-date.

Business growth Scenarios

In-depth case studies replicating actual business challenges solved with Google Analytics 4.

13 Hand-Outs

Business scenario and exercise hand-outs so you can put your learning into action.

GA4 Masterclass Outline

Getting Started

  • 4 Videos
  • 3 Ref. Cards
  • 1 Handout
  • D3M method for analytics
  • Evolution of GA4
  • Differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4
  • Key improvements in GA4

Google Analytics 4 Ecosystem

  • 6 Videos
  • 4 Ref. Cards
  • Hand-outs
  • Overview of GA4 ecosystem
  • Events in GA4
  • How GA4 processes Data?
  • Client Side – Data collection in GA4
  • Server Side – Google’s processing collected data
  • Wrapping up – Google Analytics 4 ecosystem

Google Analytics 4 setup

  • 6 Videos
  • 2 Ref. Cards
  • Hand-outs
  • GA4 Account Hierarchy
  • Hands-on: Creating a GA4 property
  • Google Tag Manager account structure
  • Hands-on: Installing GA4 with Google Tag Manager
  • Hands-on: Verifying GA4 installation
  • Hands-on: Setting up conversions in GA4

Navigating the GA4 interface

  • 3 Videos
  • 3 Ref. Cards
  • Hand-outs
  • GA4 interface navigation
  • Hands-On: Reporting & Explore
  • Hands-On: Admin & Configuration

Audiences in GA4

  • 5 Videos
  • 2 Ref. Cards
  • Hand-outs
  • Audience parameters in GA4
  • What are audiences and how do they contribute to business growth?
  • Hands-on: Creating audiences using templates
  • Advance audience options
  • Hands-on: Creating advanced audiences

Reporting in GA4

  • 4 Videos
  • 3 Ref. Cards
  • Hand-outs
  • Lifecycle reporting context in GA4
  • Reporting overview
  • Hands-on: Creating custom collections, Topics & Reports
  • Differences between Reports & Explore

Explore Analysis in GA4

  • 7 Videos
  • 7 Ref. Cards
  • Hand-outs
  • Hands-on: Explore overview
  • Hands-on: Path exploration
  • Hands-on: Funnel exploration
  • Hands-on: Cohort exploration
  • Hands-on: Segment overlap
  • Hands-on: User lifetime
  • Hands-on: Free-form exploration

Customer acquisition with GA4

  • 4 Videos
  • 1 Ref. Cards
  • 3 Hand-outs
  • Hands-on: Acquisition reports overview
  • Business scenario: How to increase e-commerce revenue?
  • Business scenario: How to get highly engaged users?
  • Business scenario(Explore): Improving traffic quality for campaigns

Engagement reports

  • 4 Videos
  • 1 Ref. Cards
  • 3 Hand-outs
  • Hands-on: Engagement reports overview
  • Business scenario: Optimizing landing pages for user engagement
  • Business scenario: How do I increase content engagement on my blog?
  • Business scenario(Explore): Monitoring campaign performance with customer lifetime value (CLV)

Monetization reports

  • 4 Videos
  • 1 Ref. Cards
  • 3 Hand-outs
  • Monetization reports overview
  • Business scenario: Reducing cart abandonment by 3 %
  • Business scenario: Increasing item purchase rate by 5%
  • Business scenario(Explore): Analyzing user’s purchase journey for incremental revenue

Retention reports

  • 2 Videos
  • 1 Ref. Cards
  • 1 Hand-outs
  • Retention reports overview
  • Business Scenario(Explore): Increase customer lifetime value by 4%

Advertising reports

  • 5 Videos
  • 3 Ref. Cards
  • 1 Hand-outs
  • Advertising reports overview
  • Attribution reports
  • Attribution models in GA4
  • Conversion paths
  • Business Scenario(Explore): Increasing marketing return on investment

Debug mode in GA4

  • 3 Videos
  • 1 Ref. Cards
  • 1 Hand-outs
  • Hands-on: Enabling debug mode with Google Tag Manager
  • Understanding the GA4 debug mode interface
  • Hands-on: Debugging an e-commerce scenario

Downloadable Reference Guides

Learn fast with ready-to-use reference cards and handouts, optimized to fast-track conceptual understanding of core Google Analytics 4 concepts.

55 Reference cards
13 Hand-outs

Audiences in Ga4

[D3m] – Data-Driven Decision Making

Enhance your decision-making with data, and say goodbye to analysis paralysis. Learn to navigate complex data landscapes through systematic frameworks in Google Analytics 4.

Gain insights from industry experts to make quick, informed decisions.

Real-World Business Scenarios

With experience in both large enterprises and fast-growing startups, this course is crafted to mirror real-world business scenarios.

Go beyond theory to get an insider’s look at how the business world truly operates.

real world business scenario


Industry Experience

I’ve contributed to the data-driven growth of iconic enterprises and nimble startups alike. My consulting experience spans major U.S. corporations like Starbucks and Arrow Electronics, as well as Australian enterprises like Bunnings and fintech innovators like Moula. This multi-faceted, international experience positions me uniquely to guide you in mastering Google Analytics 4.

Data Analytics Expertise

Over the past decade, I have led growth initiatives for startups, utilizing Google Analytics as the main source of digital data. I have used this data alongside digital and social marketing channels data. In the enterprise sector, I have played a key role in boosting revenue and improving customer experience through data-driven decisions, A/B testing, search improvement, and personalization. My extensive hands-on experience in both fast-paced startups and intricate enterprise environments enables me to assist you in mastering Google Analytics 4 for practical business growth opportunities

Educational Background

I hold a formal computer science honors degree. I am also a current student of Masters’ in Data Science at Latrobe University, Melbourne, Australia. Besides academic degrees, I keep myself up-to-date with analytics trends by getting certified. A few of my recent certifications are shared here.

passion for teaching

Teaching is not just a sideline, but a passion. The joy of sharing knowledge and witnessing growth is unparalleled. I am dedicated to teaching Google Analytics 4 and fostering analytical thinking for data-driven decision-making. My objective is to equip you with skills that will benefit you in the long term, both professionally and personally. I am excited to be a part of your learning journey.

Hi, my name is Manan. With over two decades of experience in the business growth landscapes of both Australia and the United States, I’ve had the honor of contributing to the growth of iconic Australian enterprises like Bunnings and fintech startups like Moula. Across the Pacific, I’ve consulted for major U.S. corporations such as Starbucks, Arrow Electronics, Agtech, and Trinet HR among others.

My multifaceted experience across product, marketing, and data analytics equips me with a unique vantage point. This makes me exceptionally qualified to guide both businesses and career professionals in mastering Google Analytics 4. I look forward to being part of your learning journey.