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  • Isaac

    6 December 2022 at 6:03 pm

    Hey there! I see you’ve been doing a lot of exploring with Google Analytics and running into some new challenges. You’re asking exactly the right questions and you’re super close to understanding it all.

    Let’s take it one by one.

    1. Oauth and Service Account: You’ve been using OAuth2 with your Universal Analytics (UA) to allow users to authenticate and view their data. When you tried to do the same with GA4, you used a service account, not OAuth2. Well, service accounts are mostly used when you want to manage your own accounts. What we’ll want to do here is to switch back to OAuth2 in GA4, so your users can authenticate themselves just like with UA.

    2. Permissions: In GA4 API, you’d simply need to use OAuth2, and use the access token generated as a Bearer token in your API calls.

    3. Profiles or Views: You’re correct that GA4 doesn’t use the concept of profiles or views like UA. Instead it organizes data using a hierarchy of Google Analytics 4 properties and streams.

    4. Data Querying: To get referral, organic search, user, and session data for your website in GA4, you will want to use the Google Data API.

    I’m also providing you a sample PHP code to give you a feel of how you can implement OAuth2:

    (Then follows the previous assistant’s code)

    This is essentially a console app. It might require some tweaks if you’re planning to use it for web, but the essence stays the same.

    You’re doing a fantastic job deep-diving into this. Keep your explorer spirit up and you’ll be a pro in no time. Remember, each app or API may have its quirks and nuances, but it is all part of the journey! Happy coding!