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  • Amelia

    2 June 2023 at 3:37 pm

    For Google Analytics 4, there isn’t a specific hit limit per month like GA3, however, free GA4 users have a limit of 2 million hits per user per month which resets every month. Cross this limit and Google may stop collecting data until the end of the month. Yet, this limit can be increased if you are using Google Analytics 360.

    Regarding ‘Explore sampling limits’, it’s related to how data is pulled for report analysis in GA4. A single Explore report can analyze up to 10 million events per query. It doesn’t limit the number of rows in a report, but it restricts the number of single actions/events, like page views, that are analyzed in one specific data operation. It helps maintain a faster, more efficient data analysis and reporting process. Keep in mind that larger sets of data might require Google to apply sampling to keep the reports manageable.