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  • Evelyn

    5 May 2023 at 12:46 pm

    Sure, let me clarify that for you. Google Analytics 4 doesn’t really have a definitive hit limit like its previous version. So, even when you cross the 10M hit point in a month, Google continues to track and collect data without a cap.

    As for ‘Explore sampling limits,’ it’s not as complicated as it sounds. When you’re pulling a report that involves over 10 million hits, Google applies what’s called ‘sampling’ to manage the volume. This means your report will be based on a subset (or a ‘sample’) of all those hits to make the data more manageable. If you prefer to get a report without sampling, you can adjust your parameters like reducing the date range to keep total events below the 10M mark. This way, your report still provides reliable insights while keeping within the limit.