• Dylan

    5 July 2023 at 3:46 am

    In Google Analytics 4, it may seem a bit more challenging to find exit pages compared to Universal Analytics. Unfortunately, GA4 API does not have a dedicated “exit pages” report like the old version had. However, you can still find this data through a bit of a workaround.

    In GA4, ‘Engagement’ and ‘Engagement Events’ can be analyzed for this purpose. By getting insights into the web pages where users have their final engagement (like scroll, click etc.), you can infer those as the exit pages.

    It’s noteworthy that GA4 is event-based rather than session-based. As a result, the concept of ‘exit’ has changed; for example, a user might be thought to ‘exit’ when they no longer engage with the website, but that doesn’t precisely tally with the traditional concept of ‘exit.’

    To get more familiar with this, you may want to explore Google’s GA4 resources and read up on ‘Events’ and ‘Engagements’. It may not be exactly the same experience as UA, but over time, you’ll get more comfortable with the new system.