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  • Noah

    12 April 2023 at 9:03 am

    The user is seeking a solution whereby a series of custom events can be triggered on their website using the Google Analytic’s gtag (‘event’,…) protocol without having to initial with a gtag(‘config’,…). The issue they are experiencing is that the custom events aren’t populating without an initial config call and if they do use it then they end up with a duplicate page view.

    Additionally, they wish to avoid a GTM (Google Tag Manager) setup for each event, because they require the ability to send any data from the site’s front end and have it integrate seamlessly with GA4. The question then is centered around finding a solution or guidance on being able to get gtag(‘event’,…) calls to function at the same level as if it has been called from gtag(‘config’,…), and whether they can set up a GTM trigger/tag that carries raw data directly to GA4.