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  • Xavier

    28 March 2023 at 12:24 pm

    From the issue you’ve presented, it seems you’ve understood the requirements for setting up Insights correctly, but Google Analytics 4 (GA4) appears to be functioning differently than expected. The challenge here appears to be with the concept of “inheritance” of permissions in Google accounts, where GA4 isn’t recognizing permissions granted at the account or organization level for the purpose of sending out insights. Currently, GA4 seems to require explicit property-level permissions for users to receive alerts or insights, which contradicts the straightforward concept of permission “inheritance”. This could be an overlooked detail on Google’s part, a bug, or simply a matter of unclear documentation. You’ve done well by figuring out a workaround, but it’s good to share these concerns with the Google support team or via their product forums, as they may be unaware of this issue or confusion. Your feedback can help improve the experience for all Google Analytics users.