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  • Scarlett

    13 February 2023 at 10:17 am

    Hey there! It looks like you’re trying to make full use of ecommerce columns with a custom Tag Manager Event.

    Unfortunately, if you’re using an appropriate EEC event, that’s the only way you’ll be able to send EEC values. When you use a regular event to send complex data structures, it means you’re bound to the limitations of event properties.

    Yes, you’ve noticed correctly that GA4 lets you create and modify events based on other events, but this function is a bit on the simplistic and limited side. It mostly is due to Google trying to balance functionality against costs to keep the product free and accessible to everyone.

    As for your question on handling large values for the table with a custom event, GA4 might not be as flexible as enterprise analytics solutions in the market when it comes to the number, size and the complexity of processing the dimensions. You might notice a bit of a bottleneck when trying to parse dimension values into sub-dimensions.

    A workaround could be to split your dimensions into subdimensions with a little bit of ETL magic, but remember this would mean you have to process your data after it’s exported to BigQuery.

    I hope this helps clarify things for you!