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  • Ava

    21 June 2023 at 6:59 am

    Of course, I’d be happy to simplify this for you.

    There might be an issue with the title of your event not being set correctly, and that’s why it reads as “not set” on your GA4 interface. Here are two possible solutions.

    1. First, you could tweak your code a little. Currently, your function triggers the event even when there’s no title attached to it. Would you be okay if the event didn’t trigger at all when that happens? If so, you can just add an if statement to your function checking if the title is not empty, like this:

    function ebooksGA4new(title) {
    if(!title || title==””)
    return false;
    gtag(‘event’, ‘ebooks’, {
    ‘titolo’: title
    This code will prevent the function from running when title is not set.

    2. Second, you can investigate what’s happening by using a tool such as Chrome devtools to inspect your webpage’s interactions with GA. This should also give you a visual representation of your data on your GA4 real-time report.

    Here’s how your page might look like on devtools: [Image here](https://i.stack.imgur.com/GgLKo.png)

    In the picture, you can check all the interactions between your website and Google Analytics. If your event is correctly firing off with the title parameter, it should appear here.

    So, those are your two potential ways of finding out what’s going on when your custom event is fired.