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  • Theo

    15 August 2022 at 3:55 am

    It seems like you’re facing issues with sending the correct page title information to Google Analytics using the react-ga4 plugin, despite having set up a process to capture the current URL and sending it as a page hit. The problem might be stemming from the fact that the information being captured and sent is actually the title specified in the index.html file, which is “React App” in this case.

    Various factors could contribute to this behavior. One possibility is that the method used to capture the current URL might not be functioning as intended, hence not updating the page title according to the visited pages within your React application.

    Additionally, some of the plugins you’ve installed could potentially interfere with how the react-ga4 plugin works. While this is largely dependent on what each individual plugin does, it would be good to assess if the plugins might be affecting how information is captured and sent to Google Analytics. You might need to test their impact by temporarily disabling them to see if there are changes to the captured page title information.