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  • Ashton

    1 July 2023 at 1:11 pm

    Unfortunately, if you’ve been sending data with incorrect mapping on your custom dimensions, the raw data Google Analytics 4 (GA4) received before you corrected the issue is not retrievable in the correctly mapped format. GA4 only processes data as it’s received; it doesn’t reprocess data based on changes you make to your configuration down the line.

    In GA4, custom dimensions and metrics use the parameter name you provide in events. That’s why it’s necessary to set up ‘custom_map’ to map the parameter names of the events to the corresponding custom dimensions or metrics. If the data was sent in an incorrect format, GA4 couldn’t recognize it as the corresponding dimension or metric.

    The page URLs with the language and the module will still be accessible, but they wouldn’t be mapped to the named custom dimensions you’d set up now. You’ll only start getting the correctly reported data from the time the issue was fixed forward. There’s unfortunately no workaround to apply the new custom mapping retroactively. The best course of action is to correct the implementation as you have done and move forward with the correct data collection.