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  • Lucas

    30 June 2023 at 4:15 pm

    Discrepancies between Google API numbers and dashboard data is common, often it’s because API includes more raw, real-time data before certain filters and adjustments are applied in other Google platforms. To verify if you’re querying the right field, cross-check with GA4’s documentation or Google’s API documentation.

    As for the possibility of underreporting on the frontend, it’s critical to remember that GA4’s frontend dashboard applies certain beneficial adjustments to data representation such as sessionization and deduplication. The frontend is generally more user-friendly and accessible but can sometimes oversimplify the raw data or apply built-in filters that might exclude certain event-types.

    In the case of API overreporting, realize that raw data can include duplicate events, spam, bot traffic or irrelevant events that frontend analytics platforms would adjust for. So, while API data might appear higher, it could be less refined or contain ‘noisy’ data.

    It’s also worth checking and comparing the time zone settings between your API and Google Analytics. A substantial difference in the time zone could result in a discrepancy in the data being pulled and displayed.

    Finally, make sure to take into account the natural data processing latency. GA4 data can take up to 48h to finalize, you might want to add a delay in your data analysis to account for this latency.