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  • Xavier

    30 December 2022 at 6:08 pm

    Firing off asynchronous data in page_view events is not necessarily a no-no, but it does introduce certain complexities that you’ve already identified. It’s crucial to recognize that the firing of the page_view event and fetching of data don’t always occur simultaneously, which can impact the accuracy and consistency of the event’s data payload. Leveraging the Redux store to trigger the event once data is available may work in some instances, but with multiple components fetching different data sets, inconsistencies may emerge.

    Your proposed solution of creating a settings file that checks, based on the route, which data fields to include with the GA event can present future maintenance difficulties due to the dynamism and evolving nature of web applications.

    An alternative might be to consider using a state management solution to aggregate data from all components before firing the page_view event, or to delay firing the event until all async operations have completed. In the end, it’s essential to ensure your solution doesn’t skew the accuracy of your analytics.