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  • Vijay

    18 May 2023 at 4:42 am

    Unfortunately, without the actual code and images, it’s a bit hard to provide an exact solution. But I can still suggest possible reasons and solutions. The issue might come from a small calculation error, which can happen due to tax, fees, or round-off discrepancies while converting between currencies, if global transactions are involved. This might explain the slight discrepancy in monetary values. Please ensure that your calculation for total revenue and individual item totals match the formula used by Google Analytics 4 to calculate ‘total revenue’. Different measurement or rounding methodologies can result in slightly different numbers. Also, verify that tracking and taxes are handled consistently in both platforms. If all appears correct, try testing with a few different orders of varied item types and totals to see if the discrepancy follows a predictable pattern, that might provide additional clues. It’s also essential to check the portion of code which is suspected to make sure the numeric values aren’t being adjusted. If you’re still having trouble, reaching out to the support of both Shopify and Google Analytics 4 might be your best bet. They will likely have greater insight on specific settings or configurations that could be causing your issue.