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  • Elizabeth

    27 March 2023 at 3:21 pm

    Since you are dealing with an Angular application, using the Node.js Google Analytics Data API client library directly may not be the best approach. This library is designed for server-side JavaScript not client-side. Hence, the issue with webpack and Angular may arise.

    Consider creating a backend API service in Node.js where you can safely utilize your Google Analytics Data API client library. This server-side function can call the Google Analytics API and return the processed data.

    From your Angular app, make HTTP requests to this backend service to fetch the data. This approach can streamline the process and help you bypass the issue of incorporating Node.js libraries directly into Angular. It will also abstract the Google API away, ensuring your client-side app only needs to utilise HTTP requests and your app can be decoupled from the Google API somewhat. You would receive the response data from the HTTP request in a promise, and you can then process and display that data within your Angular components.

    This approach is also more secure, as the application credentials used for Google Analytics will not be exposed on the client side(but rather on the server side where it’s much safer). The server-side API service will communicate with Google Analytics and can return the data you need in a format that’s best for your Angular app to consume.

    Remember to set up CORS properly on your server-side API to allow your Angular application to fetch the data.