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  • Sophie

    25 December 2022 at 10:53 am

    It seems like the issue you’re encountering could be due to attempting to use the Node.js client library in a frontend Angular application. The client library is designed to be used in a server-side environment with Node.js and might not work properly in a browser environment used by Angular.

    A recommended approach is to communicate with your Node.js backend from your Angular app. You can create a new endpoint on your server that handles the communication with the Google Analytics Data API. Then your Angular app can send a request to this endpoint and handle the response.

    The process would look like this: Angular component makes a HTTP request to your new Node.js endpoint -> Node.js endpoint communicates with Google Analytics Data API and gets the result -> Node.js endpoint sends back the result to Angular component -> Angular component uses this data to show statistics.

    This way, you can call the Google Analytics in Node and send the results of that call back to your frontend. It also addresses any issues of exposing sensitive credentials on your client side by keeping your Google API key server-side.