• Mia

    8 June 2023 at 4:27 am

    Without being able to view the image you’ve attached or examine your code, it’s a little bit difficult to figure out exactly what might be going wrong. However, usually, when trying to send custom events to Google Analytics, you would use the gtag.js library to send event data. Once this is done, you’d set up custom reports within Google Analytics itself to view the data as you’ve described. It’s important to ensure that your custom definitions (in your case, ‘meal’ and ‘food’) are correctly set up and that your JavaScript is correctly sending the appropriate actions, labels, and values to generate the reports. Beyond that, the structure of reports in Google Analytics is generally not as flexible as what you are looking for. Therefore, you might need to download the data and manipulate it in a spreadsheet to achieve your desired format. If none of these suggestions help, there may be an issue within your code that would require a more detailed examination.