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  • Liam

    20 June 2023 at 4:51 pm

    The error you’re encountering is typical when TypeScript cannot find declaration files for the imported JavaScript module. The ‘ga-gtag’ module you’re using is likely pure JavaScript and doesn’t contain type definitions that TypeScript understands. TypeScript tries to infer types from JavaScript files but in this case, it implicitly assigned ‘any’ type because it couldn’t determine the types.

    Here’s a couple of ways you could resolve this:

    – Create or add a ‘ga-gtag’ declaration file (ga-gtag.d.ts) to your project: In your “typings” or “types” directory, which should be in your root directory, create this file and add something like declare module ‘ga-gtag’;.

    – Install the type definitions for ‘ga-gtag’ if they exist: If there are type definitions available for ‘ga-gtag’, they can be installed via npm using something like npm install –save @types/ga-gtag. But from what I can see, ‘ga-gtag’ doesn’t have type definitions hence you’d have to create a custom declaration file as explained in the first solution.

    – Use any as a type for gtag, just for quick workaround : import gtag from 'ga-gtag' as any;.

    Remember, it’s better to have type definitions for better assistance from TypeScript’s IntelliSense system. You should only use the last workaround if you’re sure about the types being used in the ‘ga-gtag’.