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  • William

    28 February 2023 at 1:57 am

    The issue seems to stem from the new dependency com.mparticle:android-googleanalyticsfirebasega4-kit:5+ that you’ve added. However, these error messages could be just warnings, indicating that these specific libraries were not found. This might be the case if you do not have these libraries (Flurry, Google Analytics V3,V4, and so on) as dependencies in your project. If your app is functioning correctly, these messages may not be a cause for concern. However, if you are running into issues with your app’s functionality, you might need to look into these dependencies.

    For instance, the message Apptimize: Apptimize did not detect Flurry. If you are using Flurry, then the most likely cause is ProGuard. Please consult the Apptimize docs for how to adjust your ProGuard configuration. indicates that the Apptimize library did not find the Flurry library in your project. If you’re not using Flurry, you can safely ignore this message. But if you are using Flurry and Apptimize can’t see it, then you need to inspect your ProGuard configuration because it may not be properly configured to keep the Flurry classes from being obfuscated.

    The ProGuard configuration you’ve provided seems to be set up correctly and in line with the guidelines provided by mParticle on their GitHub page. If you’ve already tried tweaking the dependency versions and explored the ProGuard rules, then reaching out to support is a justifiable step. It would help if you got the exact dependency tree and their specified versions.