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  • James

    27 June 2023 at 6:59 pm

    It seems you’re experiencing difficulties with cross-domain tracking from your Squarespace site to Booqable via Google Analytics 4. The issue of the _gl or _ga values not showing up when navigating from Squarespace to Booqable but appearing when reversing the journey suggests the tracking setup might not have been effectively configured on the Squarespace site.

    The manual setup you tried per Google’s guide is a great move. If it’s not working as expected, you might need to recheck each step to ensure nothing was missed or wrongly implemented. Take care to check the implementation of the code in your Squarespace website. The Google Analytics code should be added to every webpage you want to track.

    You mentioned having added a button on the Squarespace website–although it produced the _gl value, this may not be the efficient solution since it could miss all other elements that may lead a user to Booqable website.

    Cross-domain measurement requires in-depth understanding and fine-tuning, plus some trial and error. Both domains need to be correctly configured in Google Analytics and the right code installed on the website. If followed correctly, this should enable Google Analytics to track user cookies from Squarespace to Booqable and vice versa.

    A good idea might be to reach out to a developer or a Google Certified Partner who can help with the setup of cross-domain tracking. They would have the expertise to help resolve any tracking issues you are facing. Until then, keep going and keep experimenting, it can take some time to perfect.