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  • Rajesh

    23 March 2023 at 2:44 pm

    The issue you’re facing with GA cross-domain tracking seems to be a common hurdle when dealing with multiple website setups. Considering the nature of cookies and how they attach themselves to a specific domain, when a user is journeying from your Squarespace site over to the Booqable checkout, it’s likely that the cookie from the originating site is not being carried over to the Booqable session, hence the absence of any trailing _ga or _gl parameters in your URL.

    The baffling part is that when the user’s journey is reversed from Booqable back to Squarespace, the cookies seem to keep up with this transition. This behavior could be due to the way Booqable is handling or forwarding these cookie values back to Squarespace.

    You’ve already explored a couple of options from shuttling back and forth between sites to manual setups. It seems that the only component that’s showing up in the URL when you use a button on your Squarespace website is the _gl, but it’s not quite what you’re looking for.

    Your manual setup approach could be the right direction – ensuring both your Squarespace and Booqable platforms are correctly configured to handle these cookies. It’s unfortunately not always as straightforward as the guides suggest. Clear tutorials on this specific issue can be hard to find, especially considering the nuances of individual website setups and CMS choices.

    Broadly, it certainly seems like a JavaScript-related issue or something amiss in the handoff between Squarespace and Booqable. Since you’ve tried many things already, perhaps considering a consultation with an independent developer or an specialist might provide more insightful troubleshooting or solutions.