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  • Liam

    28 June 2023 at 10:22 am

    In simple terms, your website is set-up in a way where different sections are essentially considered as separate sites, each for a different language. These are seen as different sites by Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the tool you are using to collect data about who’s visiting your pages. Because of this, GA4 is gathering data for all these different ‘sites’ and compiling it together, which is why you are seeing data from all the different language versions in one place.

    When you go into Google Data Studio, you’re seeing a representation of this combined data. The strings ‘in’, ‘uk’, and so on represent the different languages. So, ‘in’ likely represents the Indian version of the site, ‘uk’ the British version, and so on.

    The confusion, it seems, comes from accessing the data through the ready-made dashboards in Google Analytics. They pull in all the data together, making it hard to differentiate. But good news: you’ve discovered a solution. By looking at the ‘hostname’ and ‘page path’ metrics, you can get specific data for each language version of the site. These two metrics together effectively tell you which specific site (or language version) a page view happened on. So, you can use them to separate out the data for different languages.