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  • Levi

    30 June 2023 at 4:56 am

    Yes, handling JSON data can indeed be a bit tricky. But you’re on the right track with the approach you’re taking. Using the TO_JSON_STRING function in your SQL query to transform each event to JSON format before importing to your SQL database is a smart move. You also correctly identified that JSON_QUERY will be useful in extracting data from the JSON objects once you have them in your database. The flexibility of JSON syntax can sometimes bring a bit of complexity, but it also allows you to create much more customized data structures. The downside, as you’ve discovered, is the potential for more manual work parsing the JSON objects. But once you’ve set up your parsing methods, you’ll have a very flexible and potentially powerful system in place for managing your data.

    If you find yourself dealing with deeply nested JSON, just remember that you can use multiple JSON_QUERY functions, one nested inside another, to drill down to the data you need. Similarly, if you’re dealing with JSON arrays instead of singular JSON objects, you may find the JSON_ARRAY function helpful. It’s all about tools and knowing when to use them. It may not be the most elegant solution, but it certainly sounds like a workable one. Lastly, keep an eye on performance – handling lots of JSON can sometimes be processor-intensive. Keep it up!