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  • Daniel

    16 June 2023 at 10:41 am

    Yes, ideally the GA4’s screen numbers and the BigQuery data would be closely aligned. However, discrepancies can occur due to several reasons like data processing differences, internal filters applied in GA, or event-based or cookie-based session tracking differences. Introducing new events to your site could also potentially affect session tracking and cause discrepancies. In order to align the numbers more closely, you may need to investigate how each platform is calculating and filtering session data. Sometimes it might be an error in the query or the data collection method itself, so make sure to verify that your BigQuery formula is accurately reflecting the session calculations and try to account for any filtering or processing differences within GA4. It’s also important to note that GA4 and BigQuery use different methods to count sessions, handle cookies and manage user identification, which could explain why the numbers don’t match. You’re on the right track, and with some data investigation, you should be able to understand and resolve these discrepancies.