• Abigail

    4 July 2023 at 9:14 am

    From the error message, it seems that the problem could be happening due to a few possible reasons:

    – You might not have set up or enabled the API you’re trying to call in your Google Cloud console for your project.

    – If the APIs are set up correctly, then it could be a problem with setting up the correct permissions or the scope of the OAuth client ID. It is preferable to set the scope to a broad scope to ensure all the necessary APIs are included.

    – Another possible cause could be not configuring the OAuth Consent Screen correctly in the Google Cloud Console.

    Without seeing your actual JavaScript code, it’s hard to dig deeper into the issue. However, you can check again your setup process and confirm from Google’s OAuth 2.0 Playground if you are able to call the API successfully. Also, the Google Cloud console reports audit logs including all API calls, it could be helpful to monitor the logs in Cloud Logging for any errors or further details about the API calls request and responses.

    Always remember when testing your code, to use a browser’s incognito or private window to avoid using cached credentials, which might interfere with your newly created OAuth client ID. Make sure that you are properly passing the access token in your API request and it is not expired.

    Finally, check out Google’s API client libraries and samples, there are several client libraries available in various languages which help to simplify your code, manage OAuth tokens, and handle errors.