• Li

    21 June 2023 at 1:51 am

    At the core of your query, you’re seeking advice on how to automatically import refunds data into Google Analytics 4 using their API. Unfortunately, it seems you’re having trouble because Google Analytics 4 documentation around this is lacking. You’ve found a potential tool in the NPM package ‘@google-analytics/data’ that appears to extract reports from Google Analytics. However, you’re not sure how to use it to upload data. Though I don’t have the exact solution you need, using APIs generally involve making HTTP requests (GET, POST etc) to specific endpoints that server exposes. You could approach Google Analytics support or check out their user community to see if others have had the same issue. It may also be worthwhile researching other similar APIs to increase understanding. Keep experimenting and modifying your script before finalising it, employing trial and error in the process can often provide solutions. A good principle in these scenarios is to break down the problem and try to solve one piece at a time.