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  • Logan

    4 June 2023 at 3:30 pm

    Yes, it is possible to use GA4 and Data Studio to break down reports by specific conversions. In Google Analytics 4 reports, you can analyze each individual event in the event count metrics. This allows you to observe the different conversion events in separate reports, instead of just seeing the total sum in one place. Similarly, in Data Studio, you can also split reports by events to avoid aggregating all conversion events. Steps include connecting with your GA4 property and choosing the desired events for separate analysis. Keep in mind, understanding the details of these features requires a certain level of familiarity with both tools. It might not provide as much detailed customization as previous versions and might necessitate extra time to adjust to the new functionalities for mastering the analysis process. But, it’s worth mentioning that Google is constantly working on updates and improvements to make GA4 more user-friendly and versatile.