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  • Alexander

    12 June 2023 at 8:13 pm

    Sure! This situation can be caused by several factors. First, you could be experiencing high levels of single-visit users, possibly due to a specific marketing campaign or fluctuations in your target audience behavior. Second, something could be causing the users’ cookies to reset, making them appear as new in your GA360 account. This could be caused by users who frequently delete their cookies, use cookie-blocking software, or visit your site in private browsing mode.

    Considering these issues, one way to dig deeper would be to cross-reference the data with other metrics. Check to see if you’re having an increase in traffic from specific referral sites or advertisements. Another way would be to take a detailed look at the user journey. Are these ‘new users’ behaving differently compared to your regular users?

    Keep in mind that it’s normal to see some degree of variation in a website’s new user percentage, especially when changes are made to the site or its tracking methods. If you’ve recently implemented the dual tagging with Adobe Launch, allow some time for the systems to calibrate and see if the numbers stabilize. Finally, don’t forget to check for any changes in your site’s cookie policy, as this can negatively affect the accuracy of your user tracking.

    However, if you’re still puzzled, it would be wise to have someone proficient in web analytics look into the situation more in depth.