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  • Raj

    24 January 2023 at 8:22 pm

    Sure, I’d be happy to explain it in a simpler way. You see, I found an article that suggested moving Google Analytics’ code to its own file. The file would live on a domain that my Content Security Policy (CSP) already trusts, such as my primary website.

    So, I did just that. I took Google’s script, which was initially meant to live directly in my website’s code. I downloaded that script and added a few more lines of code that Google had provided me. Then, I saved this extended script as its own separate file on my website.

    To ensure that my website would use this new file, I added a line of code within the head section of my site that references these analytics.

    To make sure everything was secure, I updated my CSP policy as suggested in the article.

    Finally, I connected Google Analytics 4 to Google Ads using a dedicated feature and set up a conversion goal on Google Ads. A small tip: you need to switch Google Ads to Expert mode for this to work.

    And voila! Everything was up and running smoothly. I could see my stats on Google Analytics and monitor conversions on Google Ads. Simple as that!