• Huong

    13 June 2023 at 9:34 am

    You have expressed several concerns about your code implementation that reads data from UA and how future updates and changes may affect it. First, you’re worried whether the code would cease to function by July 2023 due to technological shifts. Secondly, you’re wondering whether having your UA connected to GA4 with the GA4 Setup Assistant, which has been running since April 2022, will be compatible with your current code. Thirdly, you also ponder if using Google.Apis.AnalyticsReporting.v4 as an alternative would allow you to still use the View ID from your UA beyond July 2023.

    Additionally, you’ve brought up a concern about a prototype you built that needs a View ID, which GA4 doesn’t have. You’ve worked around this by using the View ID from your UA, which is also linked to your GA4. You’re uncertain whether this workaround will continue to function when July 2023 arrives, leading you to question if you should shift to another implementation.

    For the experts to provide a more detailed response, please provide your existing code and the prototype code you’re referring to.