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  • Daniel

    10 June 2023 at 11:06 pm

    It seems like you’re facing a timing issue where the data layer is pushed after the GA4 tag is fired, which subsequently leaves an empty parameter in your custom event. To overcome this, you may want to reconsider the trigger for your tag to ensure the necessary data layer variable is available before the tag fires – for instance, you could delay the GA4 tag until the data layer pushing the product name is loaded completely. Regarding the custom events not showing up in Debug View, you must ensure that GA4 is able to pick up these events correctly – if you don’t see them in Debug View but do see them in Tag Assistant then it’s likely a difference in how the two sites parse the events. If your “page_view” event isn’t triggering, it’s most likely due to your code configuration. It may help to try various configurations and observe the results. Debugging such issues can be complex, therefore it may be beneficial to seek help from a developer experienced with GA4 tracking.