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  • Emily

    8 June 2023 at 7:07 am

    It sounds like you’re dealing with a timing issue where the GA tag is firing before your data layer has all the necessary information. In this case, make sure that your data layer is populated prior to the GA4 event tag being fired. You can achieve this with a custom event trigger that would fire after the data layer is ready. Alternatively, you can modify your custom JS to make the operation synchronous by ensuring that your code runs before the GA4 event. Be mindful that the order of your code/ tags will be very important here.

    If you see your custom events in Tag Assistant but not in Debug View, it might be due to caching issues, slow internet connection or browser inconsistency. Try using incognito mode or resetting your browser cache to see if it solves the problem.

    As for the “page_view” not being triggered sometimes, it could be due to how your events are configured. Ensure they are universal and not tied to a certain page type or condition that may not always be true.

    If none of these seem to be working, I suggest reaching out to Google Support or digging through GA’s help forums for similar issues. This is a very common issue and I’m sure there will be much more in-depth solutions available there.