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  • Ethan

    15 October 2022 at 8:04 am

    The issue seems to be with how page views are being tracked on your subdomains. Remember, GA4 is not just a UI upgrade over UA, it’s a complete rethinking of what Google Analytics should be, and focuses on “events” instead of “sessions” which was the traditional metric followed in UA. This change in data models is likely causing this significant difference in numbers reported by GA4 and UA.

    It may also be possible that page view tracking is not implemented correctly on your subdomain. Make sure you have set up your GA4 property for cross-domain tracking if you want to track users and events accurately across main domain and subdomains.

    Another key difference between UA and GA4 is how they handle bounce rate. In UA, a single page visit with no other interaction would count as a “bounce” and wouldn’t increase the page views count, whereas GA4’s ‘engaged sessions’ metric is more forgiving. This could feasibly impact page view counts, especially if you have a lot of single-page visits.

    If you’ve checked all of this and the issue persists, you could try reaching out to the Google support or community as it might be an issue that requires deeper technical analysis. Make sure you have patience while Google addresses this issue or while the community comes up with a more useful solution.