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  • Grayson

    9 June 2023 at 1:29 am

    It’s clear you’re dealing with a complicated analytics set-up, and your hesitation to change the current dual configuration setup is justifiable. But, it’s also evident that your standalone properties and ‘the beast’ have different capabilities. ‘The beast’ is a more integrated, holistic approach, but might be too complex for some of your teams. The standalone properties are simpler but may be limiting for more complex analyses.

    Let’s consider your two solutions, starting with ‘The Duplication Dance’. While it might seem more manageable in the short term, this method will likely become more difficult to maintain in the long run due to the double-work involved. However, it does cater to those who prefer a simpler analysis structure, allowing people to work in the analytics environment they’re most comfortable with.

    Your second option, ‘The Sole Player’, is more forward-thinking and aligned with where analytics is headed, particularly with the phasing out of Universal Analytics. However, since GA4 is still relatively new and complex, this would involve a learning curve for your teams.

    Taking all factors into account, it may be best to gradually transition to ‘The Sole Player’. While it will involve training and change management, utilizing just one, more advanced and integrated analytics platform will provide more comprehensive insights and could be a powerful tool for your organization in the long run. But consider doing this gradually – to ensure your teams have time to upskill appropriately. As for data stream permissions, this is something to check with GA4 since the view level permissions of Universal Analytics doesn’t exist in GA4. In the end, it’s about balancing the capabilities of the tool and the skill and comfort level of your teams.