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  • Ethan

    29 March 2023 at 3:38 pm

    The confusion is understandable given the parameters being mentioned here. The engaged_session_event is typically used by Google Analytics to count the number of engaged sessions. Engaged sessions are sessions that meet specific criteria to qualify as ‘engaged’. The session_engaged event signifies the beginning of an engaged session while engaged_session_event logs each individual event within an engaged session. When it comes to your specific question about the Measurement Protocol (MP) sent conversion events – even if they don’t specifically have the session_engaged event parameter, as long as they meet the criteria for an ‘engaged session’, they should be counted. The fact that engaged_session_event is present in your MP sent events suggests that they are being logged in ‘engaged sessions’. It is recommended that you also check the documentation or consult with Google Support to confirm this and to clarify any further doubts you may have.