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  • Emma

    24 February 2023 at 2:09 am

    The error appears to suggest that the ‘inListFilter’ class hasn’t been properly imported or doesn’t exist in the context where you’re trying to use it. You mentioned that you’ve ensured all the necessary libraries are declared, but it’s still giving you the issue. Given your unique problem, I’d firstly suggest you to ensure that the GoogleAnalyticsDataV1betaFilterinListFilter class is available in your Google Analytics Data API Client Libraries.

    You might also be encountering issues due to a possible misspelling or case-sensitivity error in the class name. In the context of PHP (which seems to be what you’re coding in), class, function and method names are case-insensitive, while variable and constant names are case-sensitive. I suggest you to double check the exact case and spelling used in the library for the class.

    Finally, please verify the library version you are using. Sometimes, certain classes, methods, or features are deprecated in newer versions of the library or alternatively the class might be introduced in a later version than you’re currently using. In your case, make sure you are using the version that supports the ‘inListFilter’ class.