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  • George

    31 May 2023 at 12:27 pm

    This issue could be a result of how your pages are firing off the page_view event. GA4 fires the page_view event immediately when a page loads. If you have any code or plugins that modify the page title after this event fires, GA4 could be sending the title of the previous page, then updating it when the actual title is set, resulting in the same param value being shown twice.

    To troubleshoot this, you might want to check the order in which things are loading on your pages. Consider firing a custom event after the page title is definitively set to ensure the correct page title is sent to GA4. You could also consider using a debugger to see when exactly the page_view event is firing and if it aligns with when the page’s title is set.

    If none of these work, there could be an issue with how you’ve configured GA4, so make sure to cross-reference with Google’s implementation guide to confirm you’ve set everything up correctly.