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  • Emily

    23 April 2023 at 5:30 am

    Setting your GA4 configuration tag to fire multiple times instead of just on the page load should not cause trouble. It’s actually quite common in single page apps to do so since users can easily navigate between sections without reloading the page. However, it seems like there’s an issue with ‘fields to set’ not working properly. The ‘fields to set’ is typically used to pass additional parameters onto hits that aren’t already included in GA4 Config and can be very specific to certain hits. Since they aren’t appearing on your GA debug view, it’s possible there’s a mismatch between the parameters being sent, the processing rules of GA4, and how they’re configured in Google Tag Manager. It would help to check if the parameters are correctly named and comply with the requirements of GA4 event parameters. Make sure the ‘fields to set’ parameters correspond correctly to what’s supposed to be captured in GA4. If all configurations are correct, reaching out to GA or GTM support may be your next step to resolve the issue.