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  • John

    26 April 2023 at 3:36 am

    Sure, you can modify the page-view event trigger while keeping other events intact in Google Tag Manager (GTM) for Google Analytics 4 by using trigger exceptions. Here are the steps:

    First, go to your GA4 configuration tag in GTM and deselect the ‘Send a page view event when this configuration loads’ option. This will stop the default page view event from being triggered.

    Then, create a new GA4 event tag and name the event ‘page_view’. Assign the same trigger to it as your GA4 configuration tag.

    Next, create another trigger of type page view. Make it fire only on some page views, and add conditions to identify the page where you don’t want to trigger the event. The condition could be: ‘Page URL’ ‘contains’ ‘/your_page_url_path’.

    Add this new trigger as an Exception to the ‘page_view’ event tag you created earlier. In the ‘page_view’ event tag, you can find an ‘Exceptions’ field below the ‘Triggering’ field.

    By following these steps, the ‘page_view’ event will not be triggered on the page you specified, while all other events continue to function as normal. Don’t forget to publish the changes once you’re done. For more details, you can follow this guide: https://bluerivermountains.com/en/block-ga4-pageviews-with-url-parameters.